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Pre-operative anaemia:
Managing patients in the pre-operative clinic

Wednesday, 10 January 2018 (12:35-13:35) 
Location: 4th Floor, St James Room (lunch provided in room)

Diagnosis and treatment of anaemia is a NICE standard how are you doing in your hospital?

Dr Andrew Klein*, Papworth Hospital

Liverpool Heart and Chest's anaemia clinic how we set it up, how it works and our results so far

Dr Seema Agarwal, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Target pre-operative IV iron treatment to the right patients in a busy clinic
how we do it       

Dr Rhona Sinclair, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) mandates that patients with anaemia should be diagnosed and treated appropriately before, and after, surgery. The aim of this session is to benchmark your practice against the rest of the UK, and learn from how others have set up and run their anaemia clinic, including real-world data and the role of IV iron.

The first talk in this lunchtime symposium will review how to identify, diagnose and treat anaemic patients. The second talk will give details about how a new anaemia clinic was set up and how it is running, including practical tips on how to overcome the many hurdles along the way, as well as service impact data. The third speaker will cover experiences from a pre-op anaemia service which has been running for over three years, including how they target IV iron treatment for the patients that will benefit most, and how the clinic has evolved over that time.

There will also be an opportunity at the end of the session to discuss the development of business plans for anaemia clinics, including how and what data to capture and how to present your plans to your managers and commissioners.

Industry-sponsored symposium, supported by Pharmacosmos UK, including funding of speakers.
This speaker has donated their fee to the AAGBI Foundation, the charitable arm of the AAGBI.

Date of preparation: November 2017

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